Thursday, 6 March 2014


The continuing route down through SW France and in to Northern Spain and its superb motorways was quite pleasant with a couple of stopovers before we reached Salamanca
This was to be a real surprise for us as our Spanish experiences to date have been less than good
Last year we kind of rushed across the country to Portugal after seeing the worst of the east coast of Spain. Salamanca is a stunning city with architecture probably the best I've come across 

After leaving Nina squarely in charge of prepping this excellent shepherds pie I had a hunter-gatherer moment and took a walk through the light drizzle up in to what I expected to be a less than ordinary functional city
I was so impressed I eventually made my way back to the van to inform wifey that we were going out strollin' later

Outer streets lead you to the Old City and its UNESCO world heritage inner area

Most of the town was lit up to emphasise its grand architecture with the inner streets alive with boutique shops, tapas bars and cosy restaurants

The photo does it no justice as the Cathedral was quite awesome towering over you as you strain your neck and eyes to take it all in

We just love these tapas bars...

Vinho Tinto and tasty beer at stupidly cheap prices

Plaza Mayor and the heart of the city, Baroque extravagance 

Even the manhole covers have nobility

It really doesn't get any better than this..

There was so much light beaming out in to the drizzly skies it was easy peasy work for the camera