Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Camping Asseiceira

Dropping down off the hill from Marvão we trundle all of 5 km to Camping Asseiceira
We'd been given the lowdown on this site from Simon ( and thought we'd give it a go as its one of his firm favourites and good friends with Gary the owner

This is the main entrance leading to a very peaceful small site large enough for around 20 outfits but only half full now
The site ranks amongst the best we've visited and stayed 4 nights after only intending to stay the one
This was due in part to the superb hospitality, excellent facilities and us deciding to join the rest of the inmates for a group meal at a local restaurant on the last night

The local area boasts some superb walks and we even gave the bikes a whiz round

Having cycled the intended route with Nina I decide I'm off on my own and stupidity soon kicks in with childish selfies!

I don't know why either!
I paid for it for many days later

Another day, another fire……
To make matters worse I swear the towel is actually smiling at me..

Sherpa Tetanus having to carry walking stuff as my back is once again buggered..

Cork trees we think

We think this is to stop the young one suckling mum and to make it fend for itself, answers on a postcard

So endeth a very pleasant stay in glorious sunshine at Santo Antonio Das Areias
We really don't do campsites as a rule as they usually fall well short of the mark and we really don't need half the goodies but this was the true exception and will return soon, sorry Gary!

A mention here too for a very nice couple we met on site called Sue & Tim
We hope to enjoy your company again soon up in the Limousin region of France where you really are so lucky to live...