Sunday, 23 March 2014

Vila Nova De Milfontes

Just down the coast south of Sines lies Vila Nova de Milfontes and a choice of campsites for us to do the laundry

We chose same as last year with Camping Milfontes which is quite informal and relaxed

At first glance these can be quite alarming, laying all over the site and resembling bolts having dropped off vans. Seeds really…..

A walk at lunch in to town and its a little less windswept than when when last we came

I take back what I said before about the cuisine being average here in Portugal. We've had a few lunches recently that have been simply excellent and this place has been the best

View from the restaurant terrace of where we'll stay in a few days

Says it all really….

A final mention here for these two characters
Ray & Anne were great company for the two nights we were on site, sitting around his makeshift brazier burning huge pine cones and whatever else the 'hunter gatherer' could forage
Lots of wine, smoke and mild silliness from the 'shoe burner' left us with big smiles on our departure