Saturday, 22 March 2014

Alqueva Barragem & Santo Andre

In sight of Monsaraz lies the enormous reservoir (barragem) called Barragem de Alqueva with its mighty dam being the largest in Western Europe

The largest sluice gates I've seen

Pretty google picture in full daylight….

I'm not sure why either…..but its art!

So is this….

This was poetry, a balmy dusk listening to the nearby 'frog chorus' and staring at the full moon

Next day we randomly visit a service area at Lousal, Grandola and go walkabout after some sun worshipping on the aire

Not the only ones..

Around the corner in a quite pretty village lies the remnants of the local Pyrite mine and a new visitor centre, sadly closed till the morrow

What other country would allow you to wander round a disused mine and peer down the mineshaft, great!
To be fair there was a rusty barrier around the shaft but the urchins back home would soon be over it and lost forever, food for thought when next you plan a trip!

It all went wrong after lights out as we, and another van, suffered the relentless nightmare that is 'the Portuguese Barking Dog syndrome'
Not barking really, more a random collection of high pitched squeals and barks designed to annoy everyone in the village who has ignored it all day
We decided we needed the rest and soon departed for a quiet spot at Grandola 20km away

Finally we make the leap to the coast at Santo Andre and a favourite spot of ours from last year

At the end of a track behind the dunes and the crashing sea we encamp for a few days of bliss

The local fishermen come down here for the evening and catch their 'gold' for the restaurants

We love this place, few folks and beautiful beaches