Saturday, 15 March 2014


Monsaraz was a place we wanted to visit last year but having stuck to the coastal route we missed out on a superb location

We arrived early up the steep cobbled approach road and settled in for a couple of days
The views of the barragems are something to behold, the book stating that this was the best view from an aire in Portugal. The reality was quite true we feel

A happy bunny…

A small hilltop village perfect for hoards of summer tourists but thankfully nice and quiet for us

Another seemingly lost pooch that Nina wanted to adopt

That Health & Safety issue again…...

Another village, another castle

a grinning fool…..

Nice cafe, nice coffee

Tourist hardware for sale..

All smiles looking at what we will choose for tomorrow evening's meal

Then sad as the vinho tinto was obviously placed too close to Nina

Definitely a good choice driver!

Tame sheep yesterday….

Looking back up to Monsaraz whilst out cycling

We missed these two being born by minutes

3 km in to a much needed cycle ride we are entrenched at a remote cafe checking up on family back home and trying not to order refreshing beer

Great place and a great view, hope tonight's meal is just as rewarding