Monday, 5 December 2016


Valencia was a one night special as the ride in on Max had to be done on arrival day as the weather is so changeable at the moment. No point really hanging around after our visit and paying €17.00 for facilities for another night when we are recharged and ready to go
So off we trot to the Alicante region and Casa Rudo as our resting place for the next four days

The red dot looks good....

Motorhome Nirvana, aka, Casa Rudo
Our excited greetings with Rudy & Dorine over a welcome arrival drink serve to reenforce our feelings of wellbeing here
We look forward very much to our three week stay here next year in the summer

Next day a great ride in to Alicante on Max and we park as ever in our preferred spot in the city centre

We really like this city with its very varied shops and cafe culture

Even a Nespresso boutique over the road for me to top up on those all essential Lungo capsules..

Poinsettias on steroids...

Time for tapas...

The fish one was superb..
€1.50 for the small sticks and €1.90 for the longer variety

There are several 'Lizarran' tapas bars here representing good value but there are so many others to be had in the quaint side streets

Oh great! The year round market stalls are doing a trade....

Any of those top apartments please!

An amble around the Marina leads to a brace of beers sat in one of the many bars overlooking the boats

The main event and our 'Raison d'être'
The New Delhi Indian restaurant on the promenade captures our third visit this year and we are soon tucking in to one of our much missed UK favourites, a good lamb balti & chicken dopiaza
Bloody luvvly Missus!

Time to give a nod to Nina and her eternal stitching habit...
Thanks to a certain Deb Clarke she is hooked on this hobby and it seems the days of shopping for christmas cards are over

I have to say even to my untrained eye (more interested in scooters or reading about our impending political doom) this is rather good...

Of course there are loads more where this came from and the van now resembles a haberdashery at stock taking time at any given moment...
Fair play they're very good Nina
Well done!