Thursday, 29 December 2016

Christmas @ Sanlucar de Barrameda

A short hop up to Sanlucar De Barrameda and we are soon settled in on Alphonso's fine site for the festive period
Same as last year but with chums Keith & Chris for good company

We secure a fine spot down one end of the site and get settled in for the duration

Next day we are off on the bus to nearby Sanlucar and a visit to the fish market for lunch

'Captain Nemo' characters stare back at us from amongst the myriad of different species of fish on sale at the indoor market 

We make our purchases from the stalls and hand over the goodies to the guys running the cafe at one end of the market who cook them and bring them to our table, along with a few beers..
A perfect lunch!

And don't you forget it!

Just in case anyone needs a ferret?

Some Sherry girls we found whilst walking back from town

Christmas Eve sees the guys visit 'The Count of Monte Cristo' in his humbly extended sherry emporium just a short walk away. 

Advanced camping party with Alphonso (right)

Back at base we just chill for the rest of the day and light a fire to stargaze later, Rudolph spotting the skies...

Numpties on Xmas morning

Cava on Camera

Chris is pleased with her diamond tiara LOL

Top Christmas spread and sat in the sun to boot

You may well grin Keith...

Boxing day means 'Cycling Day' so off we go on a 50km jaunt along to Chipiona & Rota

The view over the water to Cadiz

A cheery wave to distant chums..
(look at our guilt-ridden faces)