Monday, 26 December 2016

Gib & Cadiz

Whilst at Aguilas we receive an unwelcome email from the site at EL Rincon, near Malaga telling us they've cancelled our two week Christmas reservation along with that of Keith & Chris
I could go on for ages here with the history, our feelings of disgust & anger, and our thoughts on their utter unprofessionalism but I've done it elsewhere with good effect....

The basics are our bookings taken in June this year were confirmed by the site a week prior to arrival and instructions given for arrival date. We then get the bombshell email two days later stating the reservations were cancelled due to 'People on site deciding they were going to stay over Christmas and not moving on' (The Management's words)

Can you imagine the disgust here....
A reservation is a reservation!
Tact and diplomacy was used by Keith in the limited correspondence following the email to give them chance to 'review their position', alas to no avail...

Some carefully worded 'explanatory' emails from me to them and the inevitable media backlash from ourselves saw us calming down slightly and rethinking our festive location

We move on down to Cabo de Gata and the excellent site run by the friendly Manuel and our faith in Spanish hospitality is renewed
Unfortunately he has no control of the weather and we endure 3 days of almost constant heavy rain and thunderstorms...

Our route back to the motorway is blocked by a rambla in full flow

We chase the sun and a few days later end up where we said we'd not go again..

The sunshine is most welcome and the place somehow has a different feel for us this time

Max takes us to nearby Algeciras for a spin then on to Europa Point at the far end of Gibraltar

Harding's Battery

Sunrise on our last morning and we set off to stay at Puerto de Santa Maria ready for a trip over to Cadiz by Catamaran 

A distant cruise ship

Just a quick visit this as we will return soon
Now where are the Tapas bars?

Ferral pussies basking on shoreline rocks

Essential backstreet view...

Around 6pm the locals come out en masse complete with pets sometimes to stroll the many shops and eateries here

Oh no, a sewing shop....

Too late, she's in!

Later on Tyrion gets the attention of this keen shopper

Our roaming route

So, this is what our festive period has in store for us thankfully