Friday, 4 April 2014


At the most south westerly point of Europe there lies a beautiful place called Sagres with its stunning peninsula on which we stayed two nights

Those of you sad enough to follow the blog regularly will recognise many duplicated views here from last year but I can't resist taking the shots again

Killer pussy guards the old chapel in the grounds of the former fortress

Yes that cannon again...

A 'Sea Carrot' apparently

An 'Ice plant' which is classed as an invasive plant hogging the cliffs to the detriment of other species

Yes the crazy fishermen are still at it, same respect my friends…

The clue's in the title...

More fishy people bottom right

and still more…….

Having strapped myself up with my new sexy elasticated back support (very fetching) I climb aboard the wheels of pain

This is where we bought my, as yet unworn, tourist jumper last year

Ah pretty, Nina's new hobby

Have you spotted the crazy guy?

Now look again….
See what I mean!

It may be but I'll wait until the Autumn and eat the real ones in Bayern

Fishnets please Nina..