Friday, 25 December 2015


A shortish drive up the motorway brings us to El Puerto de Santa Maria and a level car park next to the estuary and town. From here we catch the regular Catamaran service across the water to Cádiz

Estuary side in El Puerto de Santa Maria

Cadiz Cathedral

Bell tower of the Inglesia de Santa Cruz

The seaward side of the Cathedral

Two parrots eating dates

Wonderful Cadiz...

Sand art...

Checkout this monster tree

How old can this be?

Calm inner city streets, but not for long..

A cigarette emporium, but don't ask for a top shelf pack

We find a really nice Tapas bar with plenty on offer and just enjoy the buzz of a traditional Spanish city in pre Christmas mode

7pm appeared to be prime time strolling time with the whole place coming alive

We have the Tapas bar visiting off to a tee with just a small drink but in every bar. Well it would be rude not too...

Last stop of the evening in this lovely small square

Watching this guy bring yet more goodies from his tapas collection

Two very tired bunnies make it back just in time to the Catamaran and the half hour journey back to El Puerto de Santa Maria. A nightcap at one of the several small bars there ensures we don't get to bed till the wee hours. 
Already we begin to make plans to return to Cadiz in a few days on Fozz as its such a great place...