Friday, 11 December 2015


Valencia up next and we stay a couple of nights at the very friendly Valencia Camper Park

A perfectly located Aire 15km from the city and just 5 minutes walk to the local Metro line
The platform and local area is quite dire but serves its purpose well

Can you imagine this security measure in the UK?

We are soon in downtown Valencia and entering the Mercado Central

Checkout the size of these radishes

Walnut city...

As ever we walk ourselves stupid amongst hordes of Spanish shoppers. Its a three day holiday for them and it appears they've all decided to visit Valencia
The Plaza Redonda in a public photo from a few years ago I think

Its a busy place full of character and we decide to have tapas and a drink to ease our lunchtime weariness

Several of the Plazas have florists plying their trade and the whole area is made better for it

Traditional Christmas Poinsettias

For once we found a European city dominated by pedestrians so these electric bikes seemed a waste of time

Beautiful buildings abound here and all seemingly in competition to be the grandest

Even the train station has nobility...

We go in and have coffee on the platform, much to Nina's surprise but I just like public service buildings abroad as they are usually very interesting old structures with loads of history

The ceiling of the station

Could be in for a long wait!

The Torres de Serranos

Inside the beautiful Cathedral

After a long day we take the Metro train back to the site and eat their speciality dish, Paella
We sat outside the bar after the meal around a brazier with several other diners till 2.30am which not only resulted in little sleep, but cracking hangovers the next morning…
I suppose we'll never learn will we...