Thursday, 24 December 2015

Aguilas & Cabo de Gata

This is a forecast for Aguilas, spelled differently for some strange reason around the coast from Cartagena and looking very much like what the Doc ordered..

Lots of wild camping spots along the coastline here so, armed with extra fresh water, we seek out a favourite spot of ours down on the beach a few km west of the town

And here we are with just one other van, locked up and settled for the evening

Some Spanish fishermen arrive shortly afterwards and discuss tactics we think...

Their intentions are good but this is the nearest they got to catching fish…
Out of shot they are cracking open 'tinnies' and stripping the flora to throw on their newly made beach fire. All a recipe for a late noisy night so we move on reluctantly round to the next cove

Much calmer round here and loads more neighbours

The bikes are out during our three night stay and we visit Aguilas in glorious sunshine
Is it really December?

Wiggy & Pendleton

Is this boat big enough for the job?

Further down the coast lies the Nature Reserve of Cabo de Gata
Our Port of call is a newly opened camper park run by multi-lingual Manuel who has done a great job of creating a really nice little site

He organises a weekly walk in the hills first stopping in his friend's tomato growing emporium next door
All fascinating stuff but there are storm clouds gathering….
Manuel says, because of global warming, Turkey is set to become big producers of tomatoes which will hit the industry hard here in Spain he thinks

I suggested a 'La Tomatina' style festival with this lot but sadly no takers….

Manuel rewarded us all with beer at the summit of the nearest hill
Who says walking is boring...

Looking back to our starting point