Wednesday, 30 December 2015


After a relaxing stay at Sanlúcar the time has passed quickly and we relocate to Seville
Third time round in a year but we can't resist this fine city

We 'Fozz' it in and promptly get lost on the one way system but the mapping app bails us out and we get parked up ready to stroll the busy streets

The 'Nativity' Seville style

Huge queues await anyone searching for the magic winning tickets

Nina gets distracted by the soap shop guy who loves washing hands….

Underneath that architectural oddity...

Very busy here in the old quarter with Tapas bars crammed with Spanish shoppers 

So the story here is I see a guy (tourist) taking a photo of this grand archway and thought it would be a good shot if I took his photo from behind when he was taking the shot himself
The guy objected and was quite confused when I pointed out no-one would recognise the back of his head but I respected his artistic copyrights, smiled inanely, and substituted said paranoid tourist with Nina (who knows the value of a good rear photo)

Tapas bars in full flow….

Segway renters having a pre tourist dodging briefing

Poinsettias festively displayed

I'll spare you the shot of the Tapas we ate..

In to this stunning park we go….again

Two trees with roots intertwined, Us I recall as read by the glamourous Julie on our wedding day

Brits out wandering...

€1.00 a go to dress publicly in women's clothes….bargain!

My growing waistline prevented attendance at this stall

14km later and its time to jump on Fozz and rest our tired feet at the van…

Next morning we witnessed something bizarre…
The van newly arrived next door spent a full 10 minutes trying to level on ramps, odd in itself as it was a gentle slope.
What had us in stitches was the guy's 3 attempts at using a spirit level across his bonnet and side panels, something I'd heard about but never actually witnessed until now….hilarious