Sunday, 27 December 2015

Sanlúcar de Barrameda

Having walked our socks off in Cadiz we move up the coast a short way to Sanlúcar de Barrameda and a small campsite/aire just out of the town but next to the beach
Ran by the very nice Alphonso this is our Christmas stop for the next four nights

Within the hour we are off down the road with Alphonso to visit his chum at his private house/sherry emporium

Can you imagine this lot in your garage...

Sherry tasting at its best with the guy explaining its all in the family and would we like some large measures of his 45yr old sherry….well yes!

Manola in younger days..

Part of the tourist take away arrangement


We cheekily brought some previously used Rioja 'bottles' and made off in total with:
4 x litres 45yr old sherry
1 x bottle of brandy
Total = €31.00
My God what were we thinking! The sherry will surely put us in hospital, portion control springs to mind….

Much waving of arms and mangled Spanish later, we discover Manola was an extra at age 18 in a Burt Lancaster film called 'Two Guns' so the pose was obligatory

A later Google search revealed no such film, or so we think, but the afternoon (and the sherry) left us smiling….

Bikes are a must today, and feeling guilty and the thought of Xmas dinner tomorrow we bang off 50km on a favourite cycle path of ours that leads from the village to Rota 

Lighthouse at Chipiona


An alcoholic roundabout

Cotton in the wild...

Some of the Spanish Naval fleet

In case we stray off course

This fella stared me out until I made him a little fatter with a tasty morsel of our lunch

Our local beach

And so to Christmas Day and veg prepping with Cava in the sun

Our first Christmas outside the UK which was a novelty

Christmas dinner camper style, a fine effort Nina...

Put the camera down and lets eat….

Boxing day was spent 'Fozzing' back to Cadiz and yet more walking around

Lawrence of Arabia won this one...

1st tapas bar of the day...

Gates to the city

A quiet back street but don't be fooled, it was all kicking off at the numerous tapas bars
Boxing day is like any other day here with all the shops open and business as usual

A pussy, planted

One of several noisy backstreets with the Spanish just having a great time outdoors