Friday, 18 November 2016

Brits @ St Cyprien

Moving around the coastline we take in Arles & Nimes staying the night canal side at Bellegarde

Nimes' best bit!

A ride in to nearby Arles on Max sees us taking in a few shops and warming up with chocolate chauds (at hugely inflated prices)

A couple of nights are spent at Marseillan Plage, handy for the local launderette and we RV with Mick & Deb for a night's catchup

We trundle off to Narbonne for some Lekky and meander in to town to post a letter and get some much needed exercise

The next few days are spent at St Cyprien near Perpignan on a really nice Aire, again with lekky, and more importantly in the company of our friends Keith & Chris together with Mick & Deb
That's six Brits, lots of wine & beer and lots to talk about!

The weather was superb with blue skies and warm sunshine throughout

In anticipation of some not so beneficial high calorific socialising later, we all break out the bikes (ours needed plenty TLC before departure) and off we all go to Collioure down the coastal bike trails

Deb (electrically assisted (that's the bike BTW) at La Tete de La Course)

The chatter bros...

Some random old guy

The only bit we needed to dismount on..

Happy days at Collioure

Chris's stand up iPhone did well with this...

Brits on Tour!

Well...we deserved it!

A slap up stew based meal did the trick for the hungry bikers back at Chez Elliot. One of three thirst quenching social nights we had amidst laughter, poor jokes, and random tangental stories told by folks slowly losing their grip on reality. Old age...bring it on!

Next day much hilarity as four of the pack set off for Canet but Deb gets her tyre 'nailed' and we all sit down just minutes in to Stage 2 of La Tour

Mick is good with rubber things....

Ding Dong....

Keith & Chris arrive and the sunshine is lapped up
Hard life innit?

Keith & Chris go bird watching and the rest of the Pelaton seek refuge in a local cafe that served us excellent tucker. My burger was up there in my finest top three of all time...

Back at base later the night is rounded off (at 1.00am) with clinking bottles back at ours and stories of yesterday year banded about for anyone still conscious to listen

Next day we said our farewells for now and off we trundled over the border in to Spain...