Friday, 18 November 2016

Menton, Monaco & Nice

We bite the bullet toll-wise and use the far faster Autostrada to push halfway around the Italian coastline and land at our previously used night stop at Celle Ligure

We've escaped the poor weather and take a stroll down in to the small town

It doesn't take long to settle on the same focaccia bar as last year and we are duly treated to 'free' nibbles that then double for our evening meal

It just kept coming.....

Staying just over the border again in Italy we use Max to whisk us in to France along the twisty but very satisfying coastal roads to reach Menton

Nina is straight in to the shops and cafe culture...

Works of art at Art prices!

The consensus here is that Menton is our favourite over nearby high profile Monaco

Just so nice to be here in the different coloured skies of the Med

Next day Monaco & Monte Carlo get a visit from us (minus the Royal Fanfare)
This is one of the tightish corners of the famous F1 circuit

Some eye candy for mere mortals...

This guy's job was a high payer I think. Having recently pulled off his air tanks he helps guide the heavy ballast bags to their underwater resting place under the concrete harbour wall

Yes please...

Not quite Meadowhall is it?

An amble up the rear of the theatre in Monte Carlo and we head back to Max

We'd been through Nice many times but never strolled the promenades of the seafront or discovered its beautiful architecture in the town
Our first sight was the people's tribute to those that fell in the tragic terrorist event of Bastille Day

On this promenade..

Any of these apartments would do the trick me thinks...

Just an illusion....
These windows never need cleaning!

Now where did we leave Max?