Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Tossa de Mar & Palamos

As usual a night is spent at Can Janot restaurant car park at Navates
The lunchtime buffet stuffs us to bursting point yet again and I retire to their patio to update the blog

With feline intervention...

We head off next day down to Palamos on the coast of Spain to a favourite Aire with a very steep access slope. It was difficult last year but this attempt at 'Heartbreak Ridge' almost saw my clutch explode...
We are heavier than last time and couldn't get a run at it. Anyway we made it despite smoke and plenty of red information data from the dashboard display!

Having cooled the clutch and settled in, Max is released from his pen and we embark on a thrilling ride along the hairpin laden, twisty coastal road to distant Tossa de Mar

What a really nice place this turns out to be
Not over touristy and resembling Collioure in France quite a bit

The quaint back streets laden with restaurants now quiet out of season

There's some rain afoot soon so we embark next day from the site northwards following the beautiful coastal path

Not the work of the tourist board I guess..

The parasurfers are out on a really perfect day for them


And being filmed too!

Oh to have a little lock-up here...

Reward for our efforts comes in these beauties from a cafe on our route back
Refreshing and at refreshingly sensible Spanish prices..

Next day the showers arrive but we manage another headland walk ending in the town where the hot chocolate comes like this!

More conventional Iberian refreshment taken at the van and Nina is a happy bunny...