Thursday, 10 November 2016

Off to Lucca..

Socially exhausted (several early nights required), we move in the Tuscan hills towards the coast and spend a night recharging everything at Pomarance
A walk in to the old village sees us having a wine break and buying some half decent Montepulchiano from the tap

The pizza emporium close buy gets good ratings on Tripadvisor, views with which we defo concur...

Next day we are at the coast in Rosignano Solvay enjoying the seaview for a change

A taste of things to come...

Relocating to Chifienti, a small village about 20km north east of Lucca, we hunker down for what will be three days of poor weather
The afternoon of arrival day is fine so Max is pressed in to action and we arrive in Lucca

The town is enchanting as ever and we walk our socks off as usual 

A confusing moment...
Having ignored the 'Latte ordering lecture' the other day in the town above Greve given to three nodding Brits (the rest of the party) I am oblivious as to why my Lattes have arrived minus the all essential coffee content...
Having ordered Lattes or was it Lattes? (yes I said it the same) in Greve via the old woman in another cafe and getting a good result, I did the same here in Lucca with the wrong result! 
So I just give up... Its easier
(Actually Deb on speakerphone at the ordering moment may be a safer option!)

Having spent a lot of money last year here buying Italian leather goods, this year appears to be no exception and Nina leaves with a smile on her face
I bought a replacement wallet which sadly came in empty format.....