Sunday, 19 October 2014

In to Austria

My leg stiffens up big time and we venture down the long valley to Bad Tölz

This has become a regular trip these past two years and the stellplatze overlooks the fast flowing river a short walk from the town

We spent a very pleasant afternoon here in our favourite cafe catching up on all things web based

We stayed well clear when this guy emerged from the water

Over the border and the scenery just gets better

This will be a very different picture in a month or two when the snows come

We pass this council depo, busy gearing up for future action

After a night next to a ski lift we find more comfortable surroundings at a Bauernhof in Altenmarkt Im Pongau for a couple of days

Bikes at the ready we go off to further punish my knee

Whilst the owner breaks out his weekend toy

Circus twins

Next day is a nice amble in to town

Girls, and their 'what does it look like from behind' requests!

'Milka" cows on tea break no doubt

We spent quite a while chatting with Elizabeth who runs a local cafe 
A very nice lady who told us she had once received a letter from Prince Charles after sending him a German book written about Diana

Sat in glorious sunshine on a lazy saturday afternoon

Not today thankfully...

We are defo off tomorrow as wednesday and beyond looks grim...

The 'web' at the moment is full of spider pictures so here's our offering...