Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Apologies here for lack of continuity as our visit to Beuron was actually before my Birthday and the blogger needs a refresher course of some kind to buck his ideas up!

A tiny village this but dominated entirely by the monastery and its surroundings

The church looked nothing special from the outside but inside was a sight to behold..

Below the church in the crypt alone, which sort of spooked Nina a bit

Making friends with a stiff local

Off we go walking down the valley from the monastery and find a gasthaus seemingly in the middle of nowhere

A warm but dull day leaves us making plans for a return this way tomorrow on the bikes

Next day and we take to the bikes and do some much needed exercise unlike these ladies who prefer to just lounge around

A small detour leads us to yet another gasthaus and a spot of lunch 

Closed today, my liver was quite grateful..

No shortage of routes here for walkers and biker alike