Tuesday, 14 October 2014

That time again..

Can't believe it a whole year since my last birthday, the time seems to just evaporate 
Still its good to be somewhere great when it does arrive and I managed to make it a three day event based around a Brauerie, a spa and a nice village with far too many Bavarian drinking establishments for our own good

After spending the day and previous night at the Therme (Spa) at Bad Saulgau with attached stellplatz we head directly to Ummendorf not too far away. A little research shows its shut tomorrow (actual birthday) so best get there early ready for the nights proceedings
Yet another example of a brewery having spaces set aside round the back for vans to overnight
Waking up behind a Brauhaus which serves excellent food on your birthday sort of ticks my boxes. Are you watching Pat?
The emporium in question was Brauhaus Ummendorf ran by Stefan and the Familie Dobler who made us very welcome with Stefan giving us the run down on his beer menu with great pride
I don't think he was expecting us to try the full monty but we sure did and it was great

Parked outside for reasons unclear..

This fine beauty was first up but alas did not last long

The best dunkel we've had so far, quite superb..
The evening sort of went downhill from this point. Two more large house beers, one at 7.7 per cent, and some great food saw us yawning for England and we staggered back all of 100m to the van to await my traditional gourmet breakfast next morning cooked by master chef Nina

Many of the ingredients of the scrambled eggs with cheese, chives, toast and smoked salmon were absent on the actual breakfast event so the chef was put on probation for a week and off we went to discover a konditorei in Bad Waldsee

Tiramasu in a typical German 'me size' portion

Nina's girlie affair

This one will be lost on you all but is in for just me & Nina
The mind boggles!

Downtown Bad Waldsee

The evening is spent a few kms drive away at Kisslegg and again some very nice food
Another town another Dunkel beer variety
Another year older :(