Thursday, 23 October 2014


The rain arrives next day en route to the therme at Bad Aibling and we are in need of some serious relaxation in the spa pools

6 hours in here and we are super-relaxed..

Thanks to Google I don't mix the camera, the waters, semi clothed ladies and the Politzei up…
Stellplatzi is next door and we spend the night listening to the howling rain outside..

Next day we take the autobahn to Munich and settle in on a dedicated stellplatz outside Bayern Munich's home ground. How bizarre!

This huge Arena is on a P & R site with attached U Bahn straight in to Munich, perfect...

Trouble is the weather is quite awful and its difficult to see much past the brollies

Again, and I'm sad to say, culture takes a back seat and we are intent on visiting the famous Brauhauses  and perhaps a few shops too...

We head straight for one of the restaurants of the Augustiner Brewery, the oldest in Munich dating back some 680 years
The food was great and the beer was just even better..

Outside its all in danger of being washed away

Next door to this place is...

This fine establishment, namely the Hofbraeuhaus

These were the small glasses 

A drinker in action...

Top marks for both headgear and chin wear..

Resident Oompah band, and good they were too

This is what it looks like when its not spinning!

Outside we head for the market area

I'm feeling hungry again..

At some point I remember being dragged around a few shops

This next stop was the poshest..

I know this because it was almost empty and the beer prices were almost as big as the glasses

Still it didn't stop the beer monsters 

I swear Nina nearly broke my neck here yanking me back

The driest place we'd been all day, the home station

The 'Arena' lit up in club colours

As we were about to put out the cat, the whole place turned blue

That was our quick trip to Munich in the rain. Next time we will try an amble round in summer sunshine!