Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Having listened to the rain all night we have big reservations about the next day's activities come wakey wakey time

No need to worry as the sun comes out and blesses our 5km ride to Walchensee
This was dodgy to say the least as we were kitted out in walking attire and my bike has MTB pedals!
The destination was the Herzogstand range of mountains that have ski lifts and offer stunning views away to the Alps

I was expecting a very twitchy ride up the cable car with Nina clinging on to me again but no….just very fast and smooth

What a view this was looking down in to the village

The 'Holy Grail' atop Herzogstand

Nice work if you can get it

Tribute to König Ludwig 

Our own personal homage at the watering hole 


Great view done 3 ways...

Are you watching Hank!

Name that bird….

On a good day we'd have done the ridge walk but we were aching from the last few days and whimped out

Much more civilised than the tin cans we were in last autumn in the Dolomites

Take time to read the history of the lake Here, its fascinating!