Monday, 27 October 2014


Off we go now in to the centre of the country and leave behind the mountainous south. Whilst we could stay there indefinitely by choice we have to move on as the snow and skiers will move in soon and there is much more to see yet

The next few days are spent at Friedberg, Rain (aptly named), Donauworth and Treuchtlingen

Each day we go out biking, mostly following the Romantische Strasse which links Füssen on the Austrian border with Würzburg in the centre of the country, north to south. The route takes the traveller through many old cities and towns and is also nicely linked by radwegs

This was our best effort with us returning over 50km for the afternoon

There are loads of these massage places in the towns and draw our curiosity
(we have as yet not entered)

Although its quite cold now (the clocks have just gone back as well) we wrap up well and bike till we are quite saddle sore

Always an eye for the blondes me….

When the sun bursts through I swear its ten degrees warmer..

KMKYWAP (Steve Coogan)

Its all academic guys as 'Skippy' will no doubt get there first...

Oh dear, three days of biking has its downside as we give my knee a rest and enter town. Mondays in Germany mean most shops are shut (bad timing Nina)
One of several Kebap shops are doing trade and somehow we get sucked in almost against our will..

Right, lecture time….
This place, like most of the rest, was immaculate with very clean everything including hotel style toilets
We both had a monster sized kebab wrap with shared pommes (chips) and a shared large beer for less than a tenner!
How different was this experience to the same establishments in the UK. It has to be said the food here is so much better (and dare I say it, healthier) with no tell tale run of grease dripping of your elbow at the end of your gorging….
Alles Klar und Alles CLEAN
Well done!