Friday, 3 October 2014

In to Deutschland

Our last night this trip in France is at Les Trois Epis perched high in the hills overlooking the vineyards below and the Rhine in the distance.
We spend the day out hiking in the hills knowing that the night will be very quiet to help rest our weary bones

A varied selection of fungi mostly guaranteed to make us feel ill should we be tempted to try

We gathered loads of these for later roasting

Next day and we cross the Rhine in to Germany and enter the Sud Schwarzwald

We are soon back in our old bad ways and sampling the local brew at a fraction of the French equivalent, not that there is one!

We watched 'Noah' that night so guess this was a sign 

View from the stellplatz next morning, good to be back in Mum's homeland

Moving eastwards we stay two nights at Donaueschingen effectively where the River Danube begins
Biking both days helps to combat any excess we treat ourselves to, or so that's the theory!

We have a dilema….
The Satellite dome atop the van in my opinion is just pig ugly…
I've never liked it and the issue has more stature as we very rarely watch TV (seemed a good idea when we bought the van new)
Over the last two years its gone an irksome yellow in colour and so I decided to give it something radical. As its a part of the van's value its here to stay but I embark on turning it silver
How this will look any better only time will tell but surely it can't look any worse
I think I'm about to create a sibling of Metal Mickey

Brauereis and biking don't mix says Nina so I have to ride past our first brewery

Part of me wanted the conkers to fall en masse here but I suppose thats just bad karma
(There will be other breweries!)