Saturday, 5 March 2016

Portel & Alqueva Barragem

A glance at the forecast for the next week shows much sunshine and promise of a quiet getaway so off we trot northwards to one of our favourite haunts...

The barragem at Alqueva

There were warning signs up about these guys but alas our Portuguese didn't run that far!

Heaven for a couple of days, just us with a few vans overnight in the main car park

An evening amble on my own to the monster dam (to check if its still there)
I'll spare you any photos this time…

Next day we take a gentle ride on Fozz in to nearby Portel with its dominating ruined fortress

So many of the villages here in Portugal have these fortifications offering beautiful views

Me and my 'Vodka Martini' (007)

Village oranges, so tempting...

This planter deserves better flora..

Car coming Nina...