Sunday, 20 July 2014

Sheep & More ramblin'

Our nearest neighbours are a fussy lot. They are constantly changing fields behind us and undertake nocturnal manoeuvres 

Always scoffing and seldom remain still...

Yes I can see ewe..

Friendly bunch and not demanding

This one has an eye for a tasty morsel

This one simply likes scratching' his bum on the wall

Looking out from Holloway

Distant view back to Holloway

The Cromford Canal below Holloway after we had spent a pleasant hour in the company of Ken and his chums at the local tea rooms. An impromptu meeting but very enjoyable

A stunning riverside dwelling

Some guys from my home town remembered

The route back to the van took us past John Smedley Ltd in Lea Mills where the Queen was to visit the next day

We were again blessed that night with a full moon

'Best keep off the moor lads'

After having had the tower 'buzzed' by this guy..

Its time to 'detox' apparently says Nina, what a prat!

Waste of time really as an ever youthful Hank turns up for a walk round the hills 
He takes pleasure in telling me he was taken for 35 the other day!
Be careful next to that cliff mate!

We had a great walk, a long chat, some beer and Nina cooked us dinner
A great day thanks mate