Tuesday, 8 July 2014

On our Doorstep

We have now settled in to a comfortable routine here in Dethick
Mum is much improved and I guess her health has sort of levelled out. We visit every other day and spend a few hours with her to give her company. She is bed bound and quite weak but very alert and eating well so we are grateful for that
We are entrenched here for the next few weeks and its no hardship I can tell you. The views are amazing and our peace is only mildly disturbed at weekends when recently the field opposite has been used for small caravan rallies. Most of the time its us and a guy called Andrew inhabiting the old van under the tree

The 'Kids' have been up several times and we've been out walking with them straight from the van door along the local footpaths

Emilja, who didn't moan once during the rather rushed walk the other day

The walk up to Riber, a small hamlet sporting the Castle which I remember from school trips many years ago

This is it…

The Tavern seen from afar, alas it was early and we jogged on….

Make a good Politician me thinks….

More creatures along the way

From this bench up high...

You look down on Matlock Bath which is a quirky tourist trap in the heart of Derbyshire
The times we've been here…
With the children
In Leathers
As children ourselves,
Now as two wanderers realising that despite our current travels its all actually here 'On our Doorstep'

The cable cars up to the 'Heights of Abraham'

Evidence of the bad winter

From this gnarled tree we think, came a squadron of bees directly for us
It was a bizarre experience as I could hear distant humming as we descended the hill. This soon became very loud and the three of us dived to the floor as the bees flew just inches overhead. We were sweating and not because it was a warm day!

Two more English Roses

Oh dear trouble ahead…

Int' Life brilliant!

That church again..

A complimentary sunset finished off the day nicely...