Friday, 26 September 2014


We've been here so many times before but not in 'Vanning' mode so it was good to be able to stay just a short walk from the old city and wander in and out at will

Quite surprisingly opposite us in the wire we see an early Autotrail with left hand drive in Belgian colours

The Holy Grail...

Bit of a fantasy place this as it has been added to many times over the centuries

An American child 'on holiday'

A stroll back in to the walled medieval city later that evening proves much nicer for us as the bus loads of trippers have long gone and the place takes on a different atmos

Nina was half expecting Kevin Costner or the like to leap out somewhere, fat chance!

Nina's go at shadow art

Its blurred Nick but you get the point!

We leave satiated (with wine too) and make a note to leave it a while before revisiting as we don't want to over visit this place
Our fondest memory was a few years ago sitting watching (with hundreds of thousands of others) the Bastille Day fireworks here and were left stunned!