Friday, 26 September 2014

Millau Viaduct

Okay so its a man thing but I've always wanted to see the Millau Viaduct
We made a small detour to take it in but were concerned that the mist would spoil the day

We pass the tolls used to tax the bridge users and head for the visitor centre

This was an hour after we arrived as we could see nothing in the early morning mist and chose to chill and have coffee

Back in the car park its the Morgan Owners Club weekend thrash

A real treat for us to see so many

Chaos as they depart however as no one seems to have a script

The mist begins to clear and we climb up to the viewing terrace passing some of Nature's works of art

The mist begins to clear thankfully

Some French guy lends me his camera to take him and his wife together
Some serious lens here!

Back to the visitor centre for a mince round

Int' learning brill!