Friday, 26 September 2014


Up in to the hills we go and make another pilgrimage to a favourite village

Minerve in the Hérault dept is the actual 'Holy Grail' for us two tourists as it represents the centre of all things 'quaffable' in life
Minervois wine in all its grades hits the back of our net very easily and its just good for the soul to come here.

'Wellease Bwyan'

The village is precariously placed on a rocky outcrop which many years ago the 'Cathars' tried their best to defend

Not if you live in a glass house anyway...

Happy face, happy village

'La Poste'

Ahhhh, they've started then...

very cheap and very simple…

Next morning after spending the night overlooking the gorges we cruise the canal to arrive at Ventenac
The restaurant opposite the parking spot were doing another 'Plat du Jour' deal for less than €13.00 and it was rude not to join in
Main course was Boeuf Bourguignon and it was simply gorgeous 

Probably quite relieved at having not made todays menu one of the house hens joins us for lunch

Local wine seller's den of sin
We bought several fine wines...