Sunday, 15 September 2013

Just bimblin'

At the time of this posting we have sort of stalled a bit in Eastern Bavaria, reason being well...its just great here and there is no great impulse to thunder on
Most days have been spent walking or biking round this stunning landscape and just soaking it all up really

Nina caught me talking to some new friends right in front of the van at Bad Tolz

Biking back down the valley from Bayrichzell

We spent the next 3 days at Bad Aibling on the stellplatz next to the Therme, good value as we pulled in a long ride one day and spent a full 10 hours in the Spa complex on the last
We even found time to boil water and make coffee for some Italian neighbours who had hired a van at home and arrived with no gas!
Whensa your no gas day?
Poor show really by the dealers as there were 7 of them with no hot water but we enjoyed chatting with Daniela whose English was quite good
We can imagine the roasting he gave them on his return....

Thanks Google....

Berghausen Schloss, which we discovered by accident really as we cycled from the stellplatz nearby

Reminded us a lot of France and its ancient fortifications


Bet this place was fun in its day, wenches, wine and banquets..

Same ride and an abrupt stop behind this pair

Not all Upper Bavaria is chocolate box stuff
OMV Oil & Gas refinery just out of town occupies a massive area with more CCTV cameras on its perimeter fences than you can imagine

View from the stellplatz next to Gasthaus Kilger overlooking Gotteszell
All services for us and just 5 euro a night

St Anna parish church dating back to 1339

Brings back memories.....

this too...

What better sight is there after a long walk than a Gasthaus which tonight was serving the village fresh pizzas from its oven in the yard
Outside bar, pizza and Bayern Munich thumping Hannover on Biggo Tv in the barn
Another evening sorted!