Thursday, 5 September 2013

Upper Bavaria

A hop, skip and a jump and we are across the thinnest section of Austria, past Innsbruck and back in the hills of Bavaria. This suits us just fine as we came here last november and its our comfort zone..

Mittenwald, sure looks different in summer with punters galore!

Oberammagau, after a great ride from where we parked at Bad Bayersoien, down the valley

Looping back in to Austria we are off again on a very off road route around the lakes at Heiterwang

Make your mind up..

More love thing we think

Neuschwanstein Schloss. Fairytale castle built by King Ludwig II
I wonder when he built it did he consider it would attract millions of visitors years after....
Most of them were here today, carrying big cameras and desperate to stand hours in ticket queues before the crowded walk up to the castle
We cycled here to rekkie it and decided it was for another day off peak so went on to do an outrageous (for us) 60km on the bikes

Just what Herr Doktor ordered

Great place this and a superb selection of 3 stellplatz back to back just out of town for 13 euro per night
Busy but well organised with a restaurant on site and a bakery round the corner in front of a Lidl
My chums back in the UK would howl at the thought of me shopping in Lidl but...they are different here, better choice and a "nice person" target rich environment, unlike home

"like the back of a bus" springs to mind so saw this in a different light

On a plus side the "Kebaps" here are lovely and dare I say it, much healthier
OK stop laughing...I missed the bit where the grease in the UK runs off your elbow at the end!

Fussen is a very nice, quite small, tourist town which is situated perfectly for discovering the stunning Bavarian countryside here

Nina's got a thing about these national costumes..
I've given it some private thought also.

Lots of shops selling this kinda gear, not to me I hasten to add but can see the national pride

This guy is a bit of a celebrity we met at a bar. His name is Bernd Kannenberg and competed in the 1972 Munich Olympics, winning the Gold Medal in the Mens 50km walking event. 
BTW he's 82! and his hips aren't worn out

Back to a small mountain retreat near the Austrian border called Fall with it turquoise lake and great walking/biking routes

The most we've been separated in a year, Nina in one country, me in another...
(Austrian/German border)

Bad Tolz again, this time no Gluhwein to guzzle but great weather

Yes we tipped "Acker"