Thursday, 19 November 2015


The trek across the country back to the west coast was quite nice with a stopover at Monteriggioni and some more obligatory wine tasting
All plans now centre on Pisa & Lucca and I have a real task on trying to select somewhere practical and safe to stay
Several feedback comments on sostas near to these two 'must see' venues are not favourable with a history of motorhome break-ins at both in recent years, despite security barriers and surveillance being in place. Of course many have stopped here with no issues so we move in to Pisa and find ourselves 'the only van in the village'. The old guys guarding the site from the street vermin are very friendly and we head off on foot for 'that Tower' via the old town initially

Just in case I got the wrong town..

'Pisa' da action in wine mode

The old town bisected by the River Arno

And here we are finally at Piazza Del Duomo and the Cathedral

'That Tower'

After restoration work a few years ago the tilt was corrected by 1.5 degrees to 4 degrees

The odd thing here is it started tilting during construction when built on soft ground…
It will tilt back again no doubt with the combined weight of tourists over the years...

The area in and around these famous landmarks is quite clean and presentable but I'm afraid the town of Pisa is quite scruffy we thought with little in the line of pride and care evident

Our slightly 'nervous night' alone on the sosta is made all the richer for Nina's interpretation of one of Italy's classic dishes, Spaghetti Carbonara
Restaurant standard I have to admit
(Are you watching Tim)

The night was trouble free and next day we headed to a nice spot 20km north of Lucca, our next place to visit