Friday, 6 November 2015


We head southwards now on rapidly worsening roads and I'm getting more frustrated at the antics of the drivers that I'm sure are all on a death wish
We've all heard about the legendary standards of driving here but this is quite ridiculous..
There appears to be some 'Golden Rules' of driving which I'm sure are part of the driving test here:
  • Never obey speed limit signs, they are essentially for tourists
  • Always try to overtake at speed on a blind bend
  • Tailgate as much as possible
  • Treat your car as if its not yours and drive directly through the huge potholes and over the speed retarders as fast as possible
  • Always ensure you use your mobile phone whilst driving (this particularly applies to drivers of LGVs and public service vehicles)
  • Treat pedestrians with utter contempt if they try to step out on a crossing
  • Hatched safety areas and turn lanes are to be treated as overtaking lanes
  • Ensure you and your children never wear a seat belt and sit where possible on your knee in the front of the vehicle
  • Never ever smile or acknowledge the fool in the motorhome who's just let you through tight traffic

So, arriving with hands visibly shaking, we rest up well south of Rome in a very pretty hilltop village called Sermoneta

Scooter vans are all the rage

This little village has steep roads and obligatory cobbles designed to make you fall directly in to the tourist shops

Elaborate panel van with custom built folding market stall

Seen a few of these recently

Fozz is deployed 'Thunderbird style' and we go down to the coast via some really nice hillside villages


The drinks as ever come complete with freebie 'nibbles'
Brit Pub landlords take note!

Broccoli trees….

The sun sets on a great day and we are alone with panoramic views of the valley below and away to the sea

Sorrento & Pompeii await….