Sunday, 8 November 2015

Fonte Cerreto

We continue our journey northwards up the 'backbone' of Italy and discover some really nice towns and villages along the way, all set in hilltop locations perched overlooking deep valleys

A small holiday village lies high in the hills at Fonte Cerreto with the largest car park we've ever used.
This is just one half of it and we had lovely views

Off walking next day we pass by this classic en route to the cable car

Our luck again, its closed for maintenance today!
To be fair we knew this having done a rekky the day before 

Our trusted shows the hiking route up to an observatory and we set off

 The view back down to that car park
After this it all got too much for us with the gradient becoming just too exhausting and to be honest, unpleasurable.
So after several discussions we turned back and went to fetch Fozz

And here we are still dressed partly in walking attire
About 2000m up on a superb mountain road winding the long route around to the top of the cable car
Definitely the right decision

Its home to these ladies and we carefully pick our way through

20km later we are at the observatory just 3km up the cable car route

So pleased we did not push this route

Sticks out, we take this trail for a gentle amble in quite thin air

How beautiful is this?

No traffic, no noise….

A 'Travolta' moment

Looking back down the long valley with winding access road

I left Nina sat for a while and went up the steep slope a little further to view the next valley

With an hour to go before sunset we cruise back down the steep roads on Fozz and plant ourselves firmly in the local wine bar for some well earned light refreshments….