Thursday, 28 July 2016

Fontaine Francaise

Some peaceful lakeside stopovers are done en route to an RV with Britain
One of these is at Fontaine Francaise in the Cote d'Or dept of Burgundy

Beat this for idyllic 

Mum and her children….

On a grey day we stroll around the small village and walk in the grounds of the old chateau

Nina fancied this as her personal des res, offering up a hidden fortune no doubt to renovate it to its former glory

The short cut to the chateau looks like body piercing stuff!

Looks big doesn't he?

Just a squirt keeping guard...

Sunshine next day and she's out cross-stitching for England

Our adopted puss

An exited schoolboy (me) comes skipping back from the village that evening after a stroll around
Pacha and his kebab van sit centrally in the square
Nina is dragged to her RV with all things Turkish….