Saturday, 2 July 2016

Casa Rudo

Oh dear!
We seem to have run aground at Casa Rudo. Nice to travel but how can we not chill out here and enjoy what's on offer?

Temps each day are in the thirties and its hard just to pace ourselves correctly when there's the constant sun and heat on your head

We have resolve though and settle down for what becomes a three week stay with us visiting Alicante regularly and nearby towns on Fozz. This turn out to be so much fun as its ridiculous cycling anywhere in the heat of the day

The most energetic I've been for a while!

Stupidity kicks in one day early on and we go exploring locally on the bikes

The whole region is engaged in Fiesta time in June with most villages having their own celebrations, loud music, fireworks and nocturnal jubilations are the norm here...

Our local tapas bar at La Foia saw plenty of us

These guys plague the local beach with their 'genuine' Rolex watches and Rayban shades
In the cities they like to interrupt you during your meal which always goes down well with me..

At the local market this pooch is just too hot to care

Short trips on Fozz are made to Santa Pola...

and nearby Torrieveja..

Out in the harbour lies this hot can

A regular sight in Spain are lady street cleaners not worried about their nails…

Back at the gaff Dorine pumps out her weekly fayre for us and we are heartily stuffed each time with some really nice food and tapas

Pasta & chorizo formed part of a thank you tapas get together one lunchtime in response to Rudi's drama which briefly went as follows:

One lunchtime just lazing by the pool there's a shout from Dorine's kitchen and a cry for help (in Flemish)
I run in to find a convincing CSI scene with 'claret' everywhere
Rudi has picked up an olive oil bottle thats been on the kitchen shelf and its exploded. thing is its cut deep in to his palm and severed an artery and several finger 'guiders'
Bless him, he looked agitated and after flushing the wound, direct pressure was the only way to stem the flow which I did with him bent over the now filling sink
This went on for around 20 minutes with Dorine trying to call an ambulance and her Nursey friend Ella to come round. The ambulance never arrived but two local policemen did and between them Rudi was taken to the local hospital where he had injections, happy pills and oh, some convincing micro surgery
Ella had a box of 'all things medical' and its the big sutchre dressing she got on Rudi on arrival that did the job for him. It would have been 'interesting' to say the least trying to get him to hospital without it
We are put on caretaker mode and next day the guys come back with Rudi sporting and enormous bandaged hand and elastic contraptions 'stitched' through his finger nail ends... 

Needs must here as its 8.00 pm and still over 30 degs

The days are spent just lazing by the pool and popping out on Fozz when we feel like a change

Alone on the aire it really becomes our comfort zone

Red hot clothes hand washing water in just two hours, sorted!
We used the washer here too but it nice to use the sun's power for the simple things

Checkout that bandage and the 'Arborist' up those steps

This guy came spraying the palms one day to keep the beetles at bay

'Cactus Jack'

Hello Vera!

Pre dinner posing with the 'patient'

We've had a great time here at Casa Rudo and the time has flown by. Dorine & Rudi are nice friendly hosts making us very welcome and we now have the pin firmly on the Spanish map for future visits