Saturday, 9 July 2016


With a due sense of trepidation the time arrives to visit Benidorm

Spare me the lectures as we've had it on good advice (that's Mick & Deb for the record) that if we visit with an open mind we might find we actually enjoy it!
OK we are up for that but think that it may be a tad different in July to when they went in mid winter. We anticipate it to be rammed, very hot and definitely well out of our comfort zone
Turns out we were right on all three but wait a minute….
We actually enjoyed our short stay here…

The site was quite nice with a bar and usual pool activities but we were heading in to a very hot metropolis 

Concrete skyline

Our first sight of 'Little Britain'

Yep, we'll have to live with that!

Early on the top end of town seems quite uncrowded but...

A mass of humanity awaits as we slowly amble down the promenade towards the Old Town

A little cruising the shops and we soon locate ourselves in a Dutch bar for the evening to watch the Germans win on penalties in their quarter final of Euro 2016

Next day sees us visit the "WOK' on Mick & Deb's personal recommendation

This really was a top tip and we left pleasantly stuffed

Next day and even warmer, we head back in to town trying not to trip over the local entrepreneurs who simply lay there hoping for loose change
Very different to Seville and other places although this is common in Spain

Too hot to walk anymore we soon find refreshment

Having 'wandered' through the night club area on our way home last night we take the same route in the 'cold' light of day

There's a distinct aroma in the air which is best left undescribed...

How many spin offs can there be we ask?

The door is extra wide too, which is nice!

The beach is heaving and sand real estate is at a premium

Not quite Cannes and the Lamborginis we had imagined...

We lost count of the famous 'Madge Mobiles' but this really is a picture..

A decent beer in surely the hottest bar in Benidorm, who cares?

It took two days for us to acclimatise to the sheer full on noise and busy atmos here but then it just kicked in and we went with the flow

An impromptu late night meal in the Mexican restaurant topped it off nicely and we headed home taking in a quite bar after midnight

One of several busy hot streets in the Old Town

Our verdict…

Yes we would come again, probably with M & D as our 'escorts' and definitely Out of Season as they do. We think it would be a much calmer, cooler experience for us but it has our vote surprisingly..