Friday, 25 September 2015


Next day and Nina still looks groggy so dark glasses are donned and we make for Spandau, a borough of Berlin but more importantly, my Mum's Hometown 

I try to take lots of shots of areas that Mum may be able to recognise when we get back to the UK

Street names will probably be the same I think..

But has this Konditorei changed that much in thirty years, the last time she came back here

Its quite a nice place and I really feel connected with Mum today
I look up more than once and try to imagine what she saw when many hundreds of Allied bombers blocked out the daylight on the way in to the city on their raids

We decide on noodles for lunch from one of the market sellers
Its here we meet a very old lady who tries her hardest to speak some English to us, bless her
She takes ages to chew her measly portion of noodles and I make it worse by giving here one of my donuts to tackle

Modern day Spandau mixes with...

Altstadt Spandau, in this case St Nikolai Kirche

Nina's eye is slowly subsiding and tomorrow we go for a return visit to the City..