Wednesday, 19 August 2015

One Day Specials

In a week where we seem to be dashing about everywhere getting organised for our return overseas and socialising, we make visits to some of our Chums on what can best be described as 'One Day Specials'

A trip on the scooter to Bingham has us instantly on a "Treasure Hunt" style escapade with Pat & Jane where Pat wants some crash test dummies to test out his forthcoming event he's organised

Oh dear…
The three of us were keen at first but began to loose heart and concentration as, after an hour or so, it becomes apparent that we are not going to stop at any of the tea rooms or quaint pubs that he's driving us slowly past..

Although not a clue, this phone box distracted the girls long enough for Pat to grind his teeth with frustration at the Numpties he had on board

Some of the clues were actually quite good like this internet related one (which had to be pointed out to us)

The farmer must have thought Nina mad when she ran out the car in to the field to check the storage capacity of this tank
Oh well all good fun...

True to his word Pat delivers us (much to his relief I suspect) at The Nag's Head in Harby, Leicestershire where we tuck in to several real ales and fine tucker

Next morning, nursing thick heads, we head off to their lovely market square in Bingham and plant ourselves in Wetherspoons for a traditional fry up breakfast

This was our 'warm up' for the main event in Yorkshire the following week where we took the vans off on a four day jolly

Next up, Chris & Keith in Edwinstowe and a great chance to catch up since last seeing them at the CL in Dethick
A fine summer's day sees us rambling around Sherwood Forest and taking in the Major Oak 

Back at their soon to be rented out Des Res Keith has provided some excellent beers to enjoy in their lovely garden

Begonias in full flow

You need to pause a while here and take in this beauty….
This was by far and wide the best meat pie I've ever had, and you can bet I've had a few

Chris, the proud creator

These Guys have both just about finished work and took well deserved early retirement. They are about to set out on a different lifestyle touring as we do and maxing out on life hopefully
We both wish you well on your forthcoming adventures and look forward to your obligatory upcoming blog
Fine day, fine fayre and superb company….