Thursday, 1 June 2017

Alvor 1

Lynda & Terry's flight arrives on time and we pick them up easily from the terminal car park and off we go to Alvor for their month's stay in a second floor apartment right in the centre of the village

They are soon strolling around on the excellent beach which was to feature heavily in the following weeks when the The Sisters arrived

So many shots of Alvor in previous posts but this one sets the scene nicely....

From their balcony Nina points out skydivers from the nearby Aeroclub on an evening jump

Mick & Deb arrive to the 'not so sexy' site at Alvor for a few days RV with us all which went rather well we thought with them getting on really well with the In Laws...
The site has many little visitors early in the morning, this one is welcome (see photo) but I'm afraid the 'Toot Toot' guys in their vans circulating the site early doors selling bread kinda grinds on you after a while, especially if you don't actually need any of their hard bread...

Time for the guys to have a belly buster at the 'Made in Belfast' cafe

Lynda hurts her foot when slipping on the balcony floor when the Boys were breakfasting and so misses the evening Curry Night...
This is despite Nurse Mick's timely advice and welcomed attention to the MIL's predicament..😂😂

Quite average really and not to be repeated here...

The Clarkes move on and towards the west coast on their travels so we decide on hiring a car and getting the In Laws out and about given Lynda's hurting foot
The car is less than perfect but adequate and gets us to Sives, Monchique, Lagos &  Burghau over the next couple of days 

With the car returned Terry and I make a return trip to 'Ireland' for more white pudding & cheer!

Photobombed one night after stumbling in to the leinster Irish bar....again!

Time to leave the parents alone for a bit and head off back towards the airport stopping a few night along the way at some new locations

A burn one night after a stay near Moncarapacho was welcome when we had the site to ourselves

We were also alone at this one too but the weeds probably put folks off!

Al fresco cooking at Quarteira

We quite like this site as its weed free, quiet and nicely located

Max takes us to nearby Albufeira one day and Nina buys several dresses from a very nice shop in the heart of town

The waterway at Fuseta

Ana from the site in Moncarapacho meets us and takes us to her perfume shop in Tavira

Max basking in the sun....

More Al Fresco cuisine

The weather looks great for Nick & Niamh's holiday as we do the airport run again and take them to Alvor