Monday, 19 June 2017

South East Spain

After a steady drive in increasingly higher temperatures we reach Aguilas and top up with LPG
A new site beckons at Tortuga Mora, just along the road from Calabardina
Just €4.00 per night and right on the shoreline

The approach to Calabardina

Our little beach next the site

My lovely wife with curly hair...

Huge prawns are pan fried in garlic by yours truly

Madness ensues as we break out the bikes after weeks of gathering dust. My leg and back issues have eased enormously so we set off in baking lunchtime temperatures.
So why don't you go when its cooler? By the time we are up of a morning after grabbing sleep only from late night onwards due to the heat, its too late and the heat is on! In an evening its still high 20's at 9.00pm when its getting dark
So cycling will have to wait for cooler climes I'm afraid and short walks are the order of the day...

Mostly Ecuadorians and a happy bunch too, singing as we rode by

The temptation here is immense to pick and cycle off as there is no fencing and the water melons grow up to the road's edge BUT, look at the size of it!

A few days later and we move up the coast to a wonderful wild camping spot used a few months ago at Canada de Galligo right next to the sea and with just a couple of vans here now

We are buzzed from above

Time to go get the menu del dia at nearby Puntas de Calnegre on Max
At €10.00 each for a four course meal including beer and a coffee Nina makes sure she gets prime spot on the water's edge (We'd had a cheeky sniffter in a bar nearby earlier)

These 112 guys are busy dropping marker buoys off in the bay's inlet for small boats

Max is pressed in to action several times doing the run between idyllic camp to nearby beach bar

We relocate for four days round the bay to La Azohia giving way to a local 'pageant en route to the beach' as part of yet another 'Saints Day'

Hot Vanners...

This Bint believes in starting her kids off early with the smoking

Stupidity raises its head another day and we go biking in to Puerto de Mazzaron

Back at Canada again and we bike down to a newly opened beachside bar...

With rustic furniture

Tapas time again!

We are parked next to a derelict house overlooking the bay stretching round to La Azohia in the distance and we have made the decision to stay here a few days as the sea breeze gives relief during this current heatwave

Us, but on a hot day!

Stitching is the order of the day whilst I keep up to date on Brit politics and the state of my 'fragile' homeland. 

Beautiful sunsets and star gazing till the wee hours....

Its 10km to the nearest cash machine which means a welcome ride on Max only TBH its like putting your head in a tumble dryer 😂

The beach is a welcome relief as are several dips in the sea

We were due to go to Ricote today (monday) but common sense says stay put for another four days as we'd just get fried up in the hills....