Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Italy & the Dolomites

Destination Italy involved a trip back north and through the narrowest part of Slovenia, just 20km to Trieste and the onward run to the hills

Now this should be easy as the whole of Italy are surely in Croatia at the moment!

You thought the UK was overtaxed, by comparison its 1.38 in austria and 1.21 in Luxembourg
Don't forget thats Euros, not GBP...

Land of the giants..

Our first taste of Italy in the van and a gloriously quiet stay very high up in the hills next a lovely bistro 

Nina's not been down a big black hole, or so she says, so off we went to visit hundreds of stalagmites and stalagtites who'd been waiting millions of years to see her

Only photo allowed as per.....

Next day it was time go white knuckle driving again, this time through very steep, narrow tunnels which gave us no chance of manoeuvring should a wafer thin car appear

Blurred and dark but you get the point...

You emerge in another world dominated by a huge dam

This was a serious piece of concrete work

Take this lot in before you plough round the next blind bend sounding your horn in hope

The things you meet half way up a mountain....

Brake fade time again and some seriously aching neck syndrome as we both check the road ahead

Late arrival here but a very nice evening meal and a bottle shared with an Austrian couple, Mike & Patricia from Vienna

An evening stroll around the village and a small hike up the hill behind us revealed some beautiful scenery, a taste of things to come...

Next day we had a great leisurely drive north westwards towards Cortina and the ski resorts