Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Schloss Schönbrunn

After pinpointing the next gaff on the map and ensuring it was in the hills we headed off via Vienna for no other reason but to visit Scloss Schönbrunn which we missed out on last november
Easy peasy this, just park very near in the bus park and pay the high price of 12 euro for the day for the van and move on late afternoon
A huge international incident was avoided on return to said van by me not punching the attendant
After putting the ticket back in the machine it registered 36 euros! For 3 hours!
12 euros an hour darling not per day.
Last time we came here we parked for 2 days FOC at a stellplatz out of the city and caught the train for, well, a few euro each.
Lesson learnt!

Top respect here as it was mid 30 s

Shot of the grounds as quite bizarrely they take big bucks off you on entry to the place then tell you the camera is out of bounds..

So here it is, straight from Google, the best room in the house
Seriously, the ballroom is magnificent

And a few more...

If only it did rain...

Shouldn't you be back at the van son..

Still at it...

Thank God for air con