Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Eastern Austria

So, the big idea here is to go somewhere not so hot for a while and recuperate
A cursory glance at the maps indicate Austria, land of mountains, scenery and cool, cool valleys
What a doughnut! Europe's in the grip of a heatwave and a thousand metres makes no difference at all
Still, euros and some exploring beckons....

Mans best friend, a sprinkler left unattended

This was our first few days, holed up in the 30s at Deutch Jahndorf just over the border in very flat Eastern Austria

So lets go cycling on the well marked routes and see if we can't hospitalise ourselves through heat exhaustion!

Here's a barmy plan...cycle to Hungary

This was the limit of our venture, 1km in at a very nice restaurant

Very flat but not uninteresting as the routes are superb for longer rides

Next up was Podersdorf am See and some wicked weather!
How many times have you longed for long sunny days, no clouds and gentle heat?
Try 40 degs shade temp and cool down at 2 am....
3 days here as there's nowhere to run and we were next to Fabian's wine tasting and distribution emporium, hard life eh!

Some seriously cooked sunflowers next to the van

A short ride brings you to the Austrians' seaside resort at the lake
We were boiling here as it just ran off us

like I say, hard life! Nina;s the one daydreaming front left

More crazy bike riding through the vines