Thursday, 8 August 2013


Every now and again Big G smiles on us and delivers a small package
This one was in the form of a superbly run Campingplatz and washing machine at Altausee
For the past month we've been hand washing everything and for an incredible 2 euros a pop we could use the on site machine
5 loads later and Nina was smiling, its that crisp linen sheet thing that only girls get off on
As a rule we don't like campsites as there is always a procession of campers intent on washing up their crockery at unearthly hours and you can always bet we are on the flightpath
This is the same route for the showers, toilet, info stand and well, just walking by to annoy those motorhoming people
It has to be said the showers, which we avoid usually because they are invariably poor and we have a great shower in the van, were the best I've ever encountered beating many hotels!
Well done to the owners, it was great to stay here in the heat

A short walk over the hill brought you to the enormous lake

My God, literally, this was the place to be, beautifully cool inside

Not sure about this, is it deliberate?

Renovation heaven.....I was moved on rather quickly...

Cheating really as it was in an Alpinegarten