Saturday, 17 August 2013

In to Slovenia

We had a great 2 days at Rosegg close to the Slovenian border, Stellplatz with adjacent restaurant, and a seemingly endless supply of vanners heading for Croatia
Back to ripping hot weather and riding the local bike routes

Them thar hills be Slovenia!

There she is racing off...

Lots of these over engineered bridges seemingly built to transport tanks not bikes, still it was a marvel of timber work 

I guess when the snow is here this is an impressive sight

Now you can queue for ages with the rest of mankind at the Karavanke (spelled amusingly different in german) tunnel near Rosegg or do the extra kms over the high pass further on, save a fortune in toll money, and try and kill yourselves by brake fade down the other side of the mountain
We went for the white knuckle ride as ever......

Straight for Lake Bled then...

There it is....then we fled from Bled
Camping Bled although very promising on paper was a sea of semi naked mankind
After a ridiculously narrow road down to the well situated site just metres from the lake we were treated to a venue completely obscured by human beings
So we fled........from Bled

Stellplatz in Slovenia are a bit thin on the ground so we were quite lucky some time later to find one attached to Hotel Kanu at Smlednik north of Ljubljana where we holed up for a few days to bike and chill for a princely 10 euros a night. The less than average nearby campsite wanted 27 euro apparently 

This was off the beaten track and I kid you not, every plank bounced upwards when we rode over it