Thursday, 8 August 2013

Middle Austria

After leaving a sweating Vienna we travelled just a few hours in to Lower Austria proper and to a great few days in Forellenhof up the valley from Puchberg am Schneeburg 
Just after arrival we were treated to a lightning show and a massive downpour which was fantastic as we had a cool night's sleep for a change

Next day it was back to full on heat and as the roads were 45 degree affairs we opted for the good old Alpine Sticken and a route straight up from the gasthaus we had parked at.

I'm sure Hansel & Grettel took the same path as ours and naively we spent more time than we should have looking for Edelweiss on the way up

Not edelweiss....

Lucky cow....

We had looked forward to the route down but could not resist this trip down

At this point I took some candid shots of Nina having a small baby or so I thought.
She was petrified and produced a halloween style face that she subsequently banned me from using on the blog.....sorry

We could have done with this last October in the Schwarzwald

A huge tree with 2 ladders strapped to it...sheer boyhood pleasure
Nina stopped this activity also....

This was a private home perched atop a big rock in the valley, holiday home apparently

Onwards to Mitterbach am Erlaufsee and possible the best view we've had so far

The farmer's dog that just would not take no for an answer

Out walking direct from the farm to Erlaufsee and some interesting gorges

If it looks hot thats cos it was....

A Harrison Ford moment..

A stunning walk along the river that in spring would be deafening with the snow water melting

Off now to a stunning little place called Hinterstoder which is hidden up a long valley 
Usual rules here, park in corner of huge Gasthaus car park and enjoy their facilities after the arduous walking that you're bound to endure during the days

Thats us in the far corner

Just after a huge lightning storm after dusk

Next day we decided to try and give mountain rescue a run for their money
You know you're on the wrong route when after 4 hours of not seeing anyone and climbing 45 deg rock inclines you read a sign for an alpine pass destination some 20km away over what can only be described as lunar terrain

This turned out to be 'ground zero' for us as, after doing a quick sortie from this ridge position and realising we were actually knackered, we decided to give the 'certain death' route onwards a miss
I struggled with this decision for around an hour on the way down but then thought back to walks years ago where we pushed the boundaries on gruelling Commando style treks in Derbyshire
I think I've gone soft....or has common sense kicked in...