Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Monte Cristallo

En route to Cortina and a stellplatz from the book which was ultimately closed we stumbled upon Monte Cristallo, a large car park, wohnmobiles, and what looked like a cracking afternoon's fun

Back to glorious sunshine

Okay she's twitchy here as she was in Chamonix twice when, in earlier years, we took the cable cars up the Aquille du Midi
Lets do it, what can possibly......

Her best 'I'm calm" look..

Half way house and so to the next bit..

How neat was this...
Slow moving aluminium tin cans containing worried looking punters

Not us but you get the idea..
Nina witnessed it stopping before we got on which made me think a bit too..

Superlatives abound...

It was surprisingly warm up here so we had to have a beer to cool down..

From above the rudimentary platform children, as young as five, donned hats and karabiners and joined their parents to follow specially designed climbing rails along the ridges

The guts of the operation

Machinery laying idle for the summer..

A great day out and a good laugh